Creating a Front-End Build Template, Part 1

For a long time I’ve avoided getting into any “serious” front-end development work… by which I mean, of course, JavaS... Continue reading

Marvel Cinematic Universe Viewing Order

I’ve had a hard time finding a list of the Marvel movies, TV shows, and one-shots in release order (my baseline for p... Continue reading

Mercurial Rebase with TortoiseHg

This post demonstrates performing a “rebase” on your Mercurial repository using TortoiseHg. Rebasing your commits, in... Continue reading

Getting Jekyll up and running on Windows

I’ve started tinkering with GitHub Pages and Jekyll, partially motivated by a recent post by Phil Haack.Unfortunately... Continue reading

Multiple Eclipse Projects in One Mercurial Repository

Eclipse is a tremendous IDE… except when it’s not. One area I’ve found less than intuitive has been creating a single... Continue reading

Blocking Facebook Apps

This has been annoying me for ages. Here’s the rather hidden means Facebook provides to block apps from sending notif... Continue reading

IDE Color Themes for Eclipse and Visual Studio

I hate hate hate (did I say hate?) staring at black-on-white text on a monitor. When your whole day is spent in front... Continue reading

Android Development - Starters Guide (Updated for Android 4.0)

First things first, major appreciation goes out to Lars Vogel for his incredibly helpful tutorial on Android developm... Continue reading

Software Craftsmanship Coding Katas

This is a collection of links to various coding katas I’ve run across. I haven’t tried all of them, but probably will... Continue reading

Ubuntu 11.10 Upgrade

Just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, and found that Flash was no longer installed or working. Fixed it by (... Continue reading

VirtualBox Panel Indicator for Ubuntu

Big thanks to Michael Otto for creating an Ubuntu Indicator Panel applet! It has a drop-down menu that lets you direc... Continue reading

Ubuntu Ambiance Icons for Dropbox 1.0

I found these icons for Dropbox that match the Ubuntu mono dark (ambiance) theme. The link includes instructions for... Continue reading

Enabling DVD Playback in Ubuntu

Surprisingly, I’ve never done this before, but I needed to enable DVD playback on my wife’s new netbook which she use... Continue reading

Disabling Ubuntu Swap Partitions

When installing Ubuntu on my wife’s new netbook, the installation crashed mid-way through… after it reworked the part... Continue reading

Turning off Bluetooth by Default in Ubuntu

The Ubuntu 10.10 install on my new laptop turns on the Bluetooth adapter by default, which is a minor battery drain. ... Continue reading

Remote Desktop (VNC) Refresh Problem in Ubuntu

I set up my main desktop computer to enable remote access to my desktop (System -> Preferences -> Remote Deskto... Continue reading

Setting up a Mapped Network Drive in VirtualBox

I’ve set up a Windows XP virtual machine in VirtualBox to do .NET development. I want my work to be backed up by my ... Continue reading

Configuring Ubuntu to Auto-Mount an NTFS Partition on Boot

I have a partition on a second internal hard drive that I use for media storage. Ubuntu is smart enough to detect it... Continue reading

Hiding the VirtualBox 'Mini Menu' bar in Fullscreen

When you send a VirtualBox client into fullscreen mode Host + F, there’s a small ‘Mini Menu’ bar pinned to the bottom... Continue reading

How I Configure A New WinXP System

I’ve just finished created a new WinXP VM in which I plan to do some .NET development. Since I was getting the syste... Continue reading

Installing CrashPlan 3.0 in Ubuntu 10.10

I’ve put off installing online backup software for ages. It’s the kind of thing that sits on your TODO list, nagging... Continue reading

Cloning a Virtual Hard Drive in VirtualBox 3.0

VirtualBox doesn’t make it easy to clone/copy the configured virtual machines and their hard drive image files. To c... Continue reading

Installing Dropbox 1.0 in Ubuntu 10.10

Dropbox recently released a new 1.0 client for all platforms with several new features. Particularly, the selective f... Continue reading

Deluge Icons for Ubuntu Ambiance Theme

I prefer the Deluge bit-torrent client over Ubuntu’s default of Transmission, but it’s always been a minor annoyance ... Continue reading

Fixing Android ADT After Upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10

After upgrading from Ubuntu 10.4 to Ubuntu 10.10, I found that the Android ADT plug-in was not showing up in Eclipse ... Continue reading

(Not) Fixing Banshee Notification Area Icon in Ubuntu

I’ve been annoyed by the Banshee notification area icon in Ubuntu for a while now. I’ve changed Ubuntu to use the da... Continue reading

Changing the Default Java Runtime Environment in Ubuntu

I’ve been having trouble with a couple Java programs in Ubuntu, so I’m attempting to switch the Java Runtime Environm... Continue reading

Android Development - Starters Guide

I’m giving Android development another shot, and had to install Eclipse and the Android Development Tools again. Note... Continue reading

Windows Batch Script to Write to a Daily Log File

Here is a Windows batch script to append a passed line of text to the specified file (prepending the text with a date... Continue reading

Ubuntu - Secure, Automated File Backup Using Dropbox and 7zip

Since switching to Ubuntu as my primary OS, I’ve been lax in setting up an automatic backup of important files. I fi... Continue reading

Setting up Eclipse with Android Development Tools in Ubuntu

To get set up for Android App development, I’m following the instructions from Google here.I installed Eclipse throug... Continue reading

Launching Windows Explorer in a Specific Directory

Here’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages in Windows: starting Explorer in a specific directory from a shortcut. T... Continue reading

Launch a VirtualBox Virtual Machine from a Shortcut

Found this link about creating a shortcut to launch a VirtualBox machine directly without having to first load the Vi... Continue reading

The Bigisi Project - High-quailty Themes for Ubuntu

Just discovered a website called the Bigisi Project, which provides some really high-quality themes for Gnome/Ubuntu.... Continue reading


After mucking around with Amarok for about half an hour, I remembered that by default, Ubuntu doesn’t include support... Continue reading

Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

Found this article with a list of Ten useful Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts. This article has even more! Nice. Continue reading

Installing XBMC in Ubuntu

Got XBMC installed in Ubuntu Jaunty NBR (inside VirtualBox). Instructions from the XMBC folks are here.Performance in... Continue reading

Installing Ubuntu 9.04 NBR in VirtualBox 3.0

In preparation for setting up our soon-to-arrive (hopefully) new nettop as a home theater PC, I’m experimenting with ... Continue reading

ClipX - Windows Clipboard History Manager

ClipX is a handy little tool I’ve been using for a while now. It’s a clipboard history manager for Windows XP, which... Continue reading

Xmarks - Multi-Browser Bookmark Sync and Backup

Since it will take a while to migrate over to an “All Ubuntu All the Time” (well, almost) setup, I needed a way to ke... Continue reading

Installing VirtualBox 3.0 in Ubuntu 9.10

I had a whole post outlined with all the steps I went through to manually install VirtualBox 3.0 in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunt... Continue reading

Installing Dual-Boot WinXP/Ubuntu - Partitioning Problems

I recently received my new 1TB hard drive (more storage than I’ve ever had!). I’m hoping to switch to Ubuntu as my m... Continue reading

Obligatory First Post

I’m planning on using this blog primarily as a record for my own future reference: links/tools I find interesting, st... Continue reading