This is a collection of links to various coding katas I’ve run across. I haven’t tried all of them, but probably will over time.

For anyone wondering what the heck a kata is, this article from Dave Thomas is a good place to start.

  • Dave Thomas’ Original 21 Kata - First is Dave Thomas’ post, which lists his original set of 21 kata.
  • “Vital Testing” - A set of six Kata used during Jim Weirich’s half-day session at CodeMash 2012.
  • NimblePros Kata - Ten kata, including bowling, fizzbuzz, greed, potter, and tennis scoring.
  • Gilded Rose Kata - An interesting refactoring exercise where some files/classes in the project are absolutely off limits to editing. The link above references a C# starter solution, but you can find Java and Ruby starters here.
  • EverCraft Kata - At CodeMash 2012, there was a full-day session on “Putting the D&D in TDD”. I didn’t attend, but got a link to a GitHub repo with the exercises from someone who did. Although not exactly a set of katas, it could still be an interesting set of exercises to go through.

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