About Me

My name is Nate Sauber. I’m a software engineer living in Cleveland, Ohio. I currently work at OverDrive helping make digital books available for free to library patrons around the world.

Most of my career has been in .NET, though I’m interested in a variety of technologies. While I enjoy building greenfield solutions, I often find it more rewarding to take something that’s broken and make it better. I’m fascinated by the code rot that can be found in “vintage” code-bases, and the infrastructure rot that tends to take hold in companies over time.

I work in tech, but at the end of the day what I really care about are people. I’m not interested in working a job where the company or the bottom line are consistently put above the individuals around you or the people your company serves. After all, if we can’t be excellent to each other, what’s the point?

Outside of tech, I enjoy the occasional video game and tabletop board game. I’m a bit of a film and television nerd, and I always have a couple of books which I’m in the middle of (usually a sci-fi or fantasy novel, and something tech-related). I’ve been accused of being an intellectual, which my interest in philosophy and support for the Oxford comma do little to disprove.

If you’re familiar with Myers Briggs personality theory, I’m an INTJ… though I’ve picked up enough obnoxious habits that some might mistake me for an E. And after more than a decade married to an intelligent and self-aware ENFJ, I’ve been bludgeoned to death with come to value the importance of emotional intelligence.

I’m also a fierce advocate for Cleveland. The city doesn’t deserve the reputation that it did 20 years ago. Yeah it’s stupid-cold here and our sports teams can never catch a break. But we’ve got a world-renowned orchestra, a top-of-it’s-class hospital system, the second-largest theatre complex in the United States, and a public market that puts Seattle to shame. We rock, we dance, and we give a crap about each other. We’ve got a unique mixture of blue-collar history and respect for the cultured things in life. It’s exciting to watch the city re-invent itself. We’re no longer a rust-belt relic, though still we know how to laugh at ourselves.

This blog doesn’t get updated terribly often. If you’re itching for more, feel free to follow me on Twitter. I’m more active over there, sharing articles and other things that I find interesting.

Disclaimer: Everything on this site came from me, and doesn’t represent the views of my employer or anyone else. So yell at me, not them.