To get set up for Android App development, I’m following the instructions from Google here.

I installed Eclipse through the Ubuntu Software Center (searched for “eclipse” and clicked install).

Also had to install eclipse-jdt (Java Development Tools) through the Synaptic Package Manager.

Also had to install eclipse-pdt (Plugin Development Tools) through Package Manager.

(Edit 11/11/2010: When going through this process again with Ubuntu 10.4, I used the Ubuntu Software Center instead of the Synaptic Package Manager. Also, I must have meant eclipse-pde - Plugin Development Environment, as I can’t find eclipse-pdt listed as an available package.)

Through Eclipses “Help -> Install New Software” dialog, I had to add the basic software source for eclipse (don’t know why this isn’t set up by default) which is:

and install “WST Server Adapters” which is apparently a prerequisite for the ADT plugin. Learned that from this site.

Now to try installing the android plugin (ADT) by adding to the eclipse list of software sources.

Looks like that did it! ADT is installed… (now what’s next?)

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