ClipX is a handy little tool I’ve been using for a while now. It’s a clipboard history manager for Windows XP, which in laymen’s terms means it remembers the last few things you’ve copied to the clipboard and allows you to re-use any of them. A customizable keyboard shortcut (I use Ctrl-Shift-V) pops up a small list of your clipboard history, and you just select the one you want to paste. You’re no longer limited to keeping one thing on the clipboard at a time.

For example, let’s say you’re filling out an address form on a webpage, and you’re copying fields like street address, city, state, and zip from a document. ClipX allows you to stash all four items on the clipboard and separately paste each one into the appropriate field in the webpage. No constantly jumping back and forth.

Or, as I find even more useful, let’s say you’re copying some text to a couple different places. You finish up, and grab the next bit of text you need to copy with a quick Ctrl-X and paste it to it’s destination. But then you realize you missed one last location for the first value you copied. With the regular Windows clipboard, you’ve lost that first value and will have to go find and copy it again. But with ClipX you just put the cursor where you want to paste, tap the keyboard shortcut to bring up the ClipX clipboard history, and select your value from the list.

I can’t emphasize enough how essential this little utility has become. It sounds like a small thing until you start using it every day. Now I can’t imagine living without it!

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