When you send a VirtualBox client into fullscreen mode Host + F, there’s a small ‘Mini Menu’ bar pinned to the bottom of the screen that has Devices and Machine menus on it. This gets in the way, and although you can ‘un-pin’ it so it auto-hides, I keep bumping it in WinXP VMs when I’m mousing around the XP taskbar. Fortunately, the interwebs is our friend, and a kind blogger pointed out that you can move the Mini Menu bar to the top of the screen:

  1. Make sure your VM is not running
  2. Open the Settings for that VM by right-clicking on it in the main VirtualBox GUI
  3. Go to General -> Advanced tab
  4. Check the Mini Menu entry for ‘Show at top of screen’

You can also turn the thing off entirely, if so desired.

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